Molly J. Robertson
Health, Wealth and Wellbeing Consultant

Molly is an Inspirational Speaker, Writer, Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Business Consultant, Yoga Guide and founder of All to Love Find Molly hosting morning yoga sessions at 10.30am in our Soul Garden and giving a few talks in the Soul Garden on Friday afternoon.

All to Love’s mission is to assist in transforming the world’s mind-set back to Love, Happiness and true Abundance, creating a more peaceful, happy and harmonious world for all.

Her client list extends to an International market, working with a wide variety of people, from stay-at-home mum’s to CEO’s of multinational corporations, Olympic athletes to those with limited mobility, she considers it a privilege to meet a great range of ages, stories, cultures and backgrounds.

Each client is a unique package, drawing on intuition and presence, her work involves creating lifestyle and needs-based ways of managing and dissolving stress patterns, assisting the healing process through the practice of yoga, meditation and relaxation, helping to increase financial wealth through the understanding and conscious application of the Law of Attraction and acting as a visionary and spiritual consultant for new and established businesses.Finally, her work includes profound spiritual healing and life transformation through the embodiment of the principles of A Course in Miracles.

Her guide-book Path to Paradise “Unplugged”: 12 Step Roadmap to Oneness is to be released later this year.

Visit her website for more information, upcoming events, projects and blog posts.